Women's Health and Fertility

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Acupuncture is widely used to treat women throughout the stages of their life.The Health World Organization identified that acupuncutre may help with  painful periods. Also Infertility treatments may be effective when used alongside conventional treatment like IVF . Acupuncture treatments can identify and treat any underlying issues that prevent conception in both sexes. (in male it helps with the sperm count and quality). It may help symptoms after egg collection or pre and post embryo transfer.
Acupuncture is widely used to treat pregnant women especially morning sickness, excessive tiredness, to relieve digestive problems and to induce labour safely.
During labour Acupuncture may help with painful contractions and reduce the need for drugs.  It can help the mother to remain calmer and can smooth the first and second stages of labour and finally support the delivery of the placenta.
After birth Acupuncture may improve the milk supply, alleviate post-natal depression and mood swing.  It can reduce tiredness and help with the healing process.
More and more women turn to Acupuncture to  help with Menopausal symtoms for example: hot sweats, dryness,memory loss and moods swing.
Daniela will work closely with you and will support you throughout the process.